2.6 How to install USPEX

After you download the archive with USPEX, you need to unpack it and run the following command to install USPEX to a user’s or system-wide location:

    bash ./install.sh

The installer does not require root privileges. You will be asked to select MATLAB or Octave (if it is found in the system), installation directory and to confirm creation/using of that directory. Then you will be provided with information about environmental variables, which must be set to make USPEX available in the system. For example:

   For Bash shell system, add these lines in ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile or /etc/profile:
     export PATH=/home/user/bin/USPEX:$PATH
     export USPEXPATH=/home/user/bin/USPEX/src

   For C shell system, add these lines in ~/.cshrc or ~/.profile or /etc/profile:
     setenv PATH "/home/user/bin/USPEX:$PATH"
     setenv USPEXPATH "/home/user/bin/USPEX/src"

If you want to change the path of MATLAB or Octave, you can edit the file CODEPATH in the installation directory of USPEX.